Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today, we will learn about ADJECTIVES!

Do you know what adjectives is?
Well, adjectives is a describing word. It helps describing PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS.
Or in other word, it describes NOUN. 
In most sentences, it goes before the word it describes, the NOUN or VERB.

Some examples for Adjectives are,


We can use them in such a manner,

He is wearing a shiny red track suit.
SUNNY and RED are Adjectives that modified the noun track suit. 

Lets look at another example.

It's a bright sunny day.

Can you name the adjectives in this sentence?

You're right!
 bright and sunny are the adjectives.

Do you see how adjectives help add interesting details to your description?

Adjectives also help answering questions like WHAT KIND, WHICH ONE, HOW MANY and HOW MUCH.

Lets take an example,

Today is a warm day with hundreds of birds chirping in the clear blue sky.

warm and clear blue sky describe WHAT KIND.

hundreds describes HOW MANY of birds.


lets continue our lesson with an exercise in the link that I provided below.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yes my dear friends/students! English is something fun to be learned. There are lots of ways to learn English. For example, we can learn English even by listening to music. We listen to music almost every time. Besides that, most of us love to watch movies especially English movies. By watching movie, you will be able to listen to the actors or actresses dialogue and the way they pronounce words correctly. In addition, by watching movies and listening to music also can help us improving our English by enriching our lexical items or known as vocabularies.

Basically, this blog is made for students from standard 4. Somehow, for those who are not standard 4 and want to improve their English and if only my blog is helping you to do so, you're welcome to join us and keep visiting this education blog. Lastly, I would like to apologize if there is any mistake that I have done in this blog, and I do really hope you can give me feedback by leaving some comments.