Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well, hello again! today, we will learn another fun topic which is HEALTHY FOODS!

So students, what are HEALTHY FOODS

HEALTHY FOODS are foods that when we eat those foods, our body becomes healthy and strong. 

Who wants their body to be strong? put up your hands please!

Sure everyone wants their body to be healthy and strong right?

These are the list of Healthy Foods.

1) Fruits

2) Vegetables

3) Cereals

4) Milk

4) Meat

5) Fish

There are lots of foods right? Those foods need to be eaten in the proper ways. We have to follow Food Pyramid when we want to eat those foods. By following Food Pyramid, we can eat those foods in the healthy style! 

This is how the Food Pyramid looks like :

So students, I guess you already understand on how to eat Healthy Foods, right? 

I hope that you guys can practice on how to eat well and live well~

That's all for today, I will come out with new post next week! 

See you later!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


What is Nocturnal animals?

Nocturnal means "at night". This is when the nocturnal animal comes out to eat, hunt and play. When you're getting to bed, nocturnal animal are getting up.

How can they see in the dark? 

Nocturnal animal often use their ears more than their eyes. We think woods are quiet at night, but nocturnal animals listen to small sounds. 

Where can we see them?

Nocturnal animals live in many different parts of the world. They usually prefer woods and other quiet places. You can see nocturnal animals in many zoos. Their rooms are quiet and dark during the day. At night they turn the lights on to let them sleep!

Some examples for nocturnal animals are;

Here I give you some exercises.

State all the statements whether they are TRUE or FALSE.

a) Nocturnal animals go to bed at night.
b) They can see well in the dark.
c) Nocturnal animals usually have good hearing.
d) There are no nocturnal animals in the zoo.